(Kick) Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the world and is a perfect total body workout. Both the arms, legs, abs, thighs and buttocks are addressed firmly. You can burn up to 800+ calories per workout. Men, but also more and more women choose to get fit this way.

CTA The Gym Amsterdam Personal (kick)boxing




Through various fighting techniques and exercises combined together, we always ensure a challenging workout. For both advanced and people without (kick) boxing experience.

This workout not only stimulates  fat burning, but will also increase explosiveness and power.  Your condition also will be properly tested. This training was specially developed by The Gym trainers. Through a practical and efficient way You will learn to defend yourself and at the same get fit.


The lessons are always given under the supervision of an experienced trainer and last 60 minutes.

Some other benefits of these lessons are:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases your mental toughness
  • You’ll feel energized
  • Self-confidence  through self-defense

So if you looking for a challenging workout, sign up quickly!



  • An exclusive and intimate gym in Amsterdam-South
  • Personal training under supervision of professional trainers with many years of experience
  • A sustainable relationship in order to achieve personal goals
  • A body composition analyser for optimum results
  • A free intake!
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