The Gym

Our fitness room boasts:

  • Air-conditioning
  • All modern conveniences
  • A pleasant, intimate environment allowing undisturbed training
  • Boxing ring
  • Latest weight training equipment
  • Advanced cardio equipment
  • Body composition analyser

CTA The Gym Amsterdam






What is a body composition analyser?

We are one of the few personal training studio’s to have a body composition analyser. This professional device measures, for example, body fat, visceral fat and bone mass helping you to get the most out of your training.

If you determine body weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) in a traditional way, you usually won’t get any information with regard to the composition of your body. A complete body analysis accurately measures how your body weight is composed. After all, the human being consists of various types of fat-free tissue (muscles, bones, organs…) and of fat tissue. 


The following components are mapped:

  • Fat percentage and fat-free mass
  • Weight of left and right side
  • Weight of protein
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Basal Metabolism (resting metabolic rate)
  • Visceral fat (fat in abdomen and surrounding organs)
  • Moisture content/ fluid mass
  • Physical evaluation (the physical evaluation of body structure evaluates muscles and body fat in 9 body types)
  • Muscle mass balance (compares balance of muscle mass between left and right side of the body)

If the level or frequency of your activities changes over the course of time, the balance between body fat and muscles will also gradually change. Body structure will change as well. It allows you to measure your progress and more accurately target specific areas by means of specific exercises.

  • An exclusive and intimate gym in Amsterdam-South
  • Personal training under supervision of professional trainers with many years of experience
  • A sustainable relationship in order to achieve personal goals
  • A body composition analyser for optimum results
  • A free intake!
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