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Having worked in the industry for many years, in 2015 we decided to join forces and start our own personal training studio. During the search for a suitable location, we were more than excited and when we finally landed on the Ruysdaelkade we knew we had found our perfect space. A unique central location in Amsterdam South with ample parking and surrounded by many nice restaurants.

The Gym Amsterdam is equipped with state of the art cardio and weight equipment and includes a body analysis machine. We believe that this, along with our extensive experience, our unique way of training and a relaxed work out environment will all help to ensure our clients reach new levels in their training and physical fitness.

We work closely with our Physiotherapists, which enables us to detect small imbalances and anticipate any issues that may arise.

Personal Training where the customer really gets the attention they deserve!


Jurmain Nimmermeer

foto Jurmain NimmermeerAt a young age I began boxing and kickboxing as a way of releasing pent up energy. I quickly gained confidence and discipline in my chosen sports and proved to have a lot of talent both for training others and competing.

Unfortunately, due to an injury I had to quit the competitive aspect of my sports and instead I focused my attention on training other fighters.

Over the years I have taught at various gyms incorporating boxing and kickboxing training techniques into personal training plans. This combination along with a desire to train hard and have fun has proved very popular with my clients.

With my extensive experience and energetic coaching style I will challenge you both mentally and physically to be the best you can be. You can train with me one on one to get started, or in pairs or in small groups of up to four people.

“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”


Raymond Homoet

foto raymond HomoetSport is my life. During my active sports career, I completed my bachelor’s degree. After my time as a professional footballer at AFC Ajax and FC Volendam, I entered the field of training.

My experience as a top athlete allows me to bring a unique perspective to the people I work with. I can help you to get to know your own body and continuously push your boundaries while having fun and achieving your goals.

The Gym Amsterdam is a very motivational place to work out. Together with my professional colleagues, we started The Gym Amsterdam in early 2016.

We set the bar high by developing ourselves both mentally and physically. I am a certified personal trainer and hold several qualifications, including an NSCA / CPT from the University of Amsterdam. This is an international course in the field of personal training.

Every day I have the pleasure of working with a variety of different clients. Each with their own set of goals, such as increasing muscle mass, losing weight or improving condition. I look forward to meeting you in our gym so that together we can make a great plan and get started.

People with goals succeed, because they know where they’re going”


Frank Sparenburg

frank sparenburgMy whole life has been devoted to sports. Since childhood I have been active in a variety of different sports. In particular, I am passionate about boxing. After achieving several qualifications in the field of personal training I started working as a trainer.

In an ever developing field, I believe is it important to stay at the cutting edge of new advancements so I opted to continue my education with NSCA / CPT.

Training at The Gym Amsterdam goes beyond just creating a plan. We believe our task is to accelerate your development in a fun and intensive way, by helping you to push your limits both mentally and physically. Motivating and helping my clients to achieve their goals gives me great satisfaction.

I can help you to get fit, improve strength, improve fitness, loose weight or build muscle through a variety of different activities. I hope to see you soon at our gym.


Omid Soltani

omid SoltaniMy name is Omid Soltani. I was born in Iran during the war. As a young boy together with my parents I fled to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands I studied to become a pilot, but a serious accident threw a spanner in the works. Having been in a coma and during a generous rehabilitation period I became increasingly interested in the human body, training and movement. I successfully completed many courses that, together with my own vision, have helped to make me into the trainer I am now.

My main focus is on providing outstanding team building programs to corporate clients. I aim to inspire the participants to make the most of themselves and their teams. In addition, I am a personal trainer at The Gym Amsterdam where I work with clients to achieve their goals. The training methods that I use are: boxing, kickboxing, strength training and running sessions.

I hope my energy motivates people and brings passion to their lives, both personal and business. My mission is to make people feel better and be happier within themselves. I work with my clients to increase energy levels and bring themselves into balance.

I am thankful that I am healthy, and I remember every day how lucky I am to be here in this country, with all that it has to offer.


Mike van Doesburg

Mike Logo zwart wit

When I just started studying I was scouted by a modeling agency. I had to travel a lot and had to interrupt my study. People often forget that modelling is a top-class sport. I was working long days and had to be in great shape all year round.

I soon found out that you can only achieve this by training hard and watch your diet. This didn’t only help my physical, but also made me mentally much stronger, which eventually helped me in my daily life.

My goal is to let people experience this feeling and motivate them to develop a healthy lifestyle and perhaps even more important: maintaining it. To achieve this goal, I followed the course Certified Personal Trainer to gain more knowledge about fitness and nutrition. Soon I will continue my study to hopefully learn even more to help other people.

I hope to see you soon!


Fredy Meijer

Fredy Zwart Wit


I got  more than 15 years experience as a coach. Coaching comes naturally to me. At het age of 16 I started as a competitive-level men’s gymnastic coach. After 10 years of coaching I made the step to fitness. After attending several internships and courses I made the decision to become a strength and lifestyle coach.

Nowadays I work with clients ranging from general population to amateur athletes. Thru my extended background in gymnastics, bodybuilding, crossfit and powerlifting I help my clients reach their goals and beyond.

Marvin Nimmermeer


I am a personal trainer specializing in both boxing & kickboxing. The training I offer mixes these two disciplines with strength training ensuring that every session challenges you – ensuring you see the results!

My personal motto is ” nothing is impossible”  & together I can help you achieve your goals. Training turned my life around & through all the struggles & challenges I went through to get here, I will be able to motivate & empower you to push beyond your limits.
Training with me will improve both your physical fitness & your mental resilience & we will have fun!


Sarah de Mol


Sports and exercising has always been a big part of my life and as a young kid I was often out running or swimming before school.

I worked in London in office jobs and started teaching aerobics in the evenings and at weekends. After having kids I decided to make my passion my career and have been working as a Personal Trainer for over 12 years now.

Working out to me should be fun and enjoyable, not only should you get the results you want, but you should enjoy the whole experience. Healthy eating and regular exercise makes you feel positive, empowered and able to tackle anything that comes your way. Helping people get fitter, stronger and feel good about themselves makes my job worthwhile.

Robin Diks

TheGymAmsterdam_RobinI’ve been involved in sports since I was four years old. I have practiced many different sports on all kinds of levels. At the Crusaders in Amsterdam I played American football for years. It was here that I came into contact with strength training and learned that by sheer discipline you can get really close to realising your goals or even achieve them for the full 100%. I’ve played sports there for years with a lot of fun.

It’s not surprising that after graduating college with a degree in economics I switched to the world of sports. Something completely different, but it means to me I get to spend the whole day practicing my hobby. I have chosen for personal training and followed the course NCSA-CPT because I like to deal with people in a sporty environment. With great passion I guide others to reach their goal every day.

Whatever your goal may be, together we stand strong! Formulating a personal training program together to achieve the maximum. See you soon at The Gym.

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