Energetic Morphological Blood Test (EMB)

Blood flows through our blood vessels 7000 times a day with very valuable information. Oxygen, food components and waste is transported by the vascular system from organ to organ, from cell to cell.

Blood tests in regular care can reveal anemia, iron deficiency and certain infections. But much more information can be obtained from the blood. A completely different (holistic) approach of a blood test can show taxes and energetic taxes. The EMB test can do this.

Which disruptions of the body can, among other things, be demonstrated with this test?

• Free radicals
• Liver strain
• Bowel disruption
• Hormonal disturbances
• Allergens • Thyroid problems
• Parasite and fungal strain (often the reason for intestinal complaints)
• Adrenal Status (stress, adrenal glands, cortisol, etc.)
• pH balance (acidity of your body)
• B12 status (is your B12 really absorbed in the cell)
• Vitamins (think of vitamin D deficiency, vit C, A, B1, etc.)
• Minerals (such as magnesium or zinc deficiency, etc.)
• Trace elements (think of a lack of iodine, copper, etc.)
• Toxic load (too many toxins in your body)
• Viral load (virus that causes fatigue, for example)
• Bacterial load • Geopathic stress (stress from WiFi, masts, etc.)
• Pancreatic insufficiency (pancreas / insulin resistance)

Other regular values are also measured and analyzed such as:

• Platelets (platelet count) • Red blood cells (erythrocytes)
• White blood cells (leukocytes)
• Hemoglobin (Hb, iron) and Hematocrit (Ht)
• Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) and Concentration (MCHC)

With a handy (very small) lancing device, some drops of blood are taken from the finger. This procedure is done quickly and requires little blood. The blood is then sent to the lab where it is analyzed. The results will be back within 3 weeks. Appropriate (nutritional) advice is made based on this result.

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