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Personal training during and after pregnancy in Amsterdam

Working out whilst being pregnant: although it sounds a bit scary to exercise when you’re expecting a little one, it is very important to continue training. Not only for your own health, but also for the health of your unborn baby. At The Gym Amsterdam you can be sure of the best possible personal training to guide you during pregnancy. Not only do we provide you with our best personal trainers, we also have experienced nutritionists to reach the highest level of guidance during and after your pregnancy.

CTA The Gym Amsterdam Personal Training during pregnancy





Best exercise before giving birth

Giving birth can be tough, which is why it’s crucial that your body is in an optimal condition. Exercising will increase your endurance and makes you stay fit and healthy. Essential elements if you want your delivery to be as convenient as possible. At The Gym Amsterdam we know exactly what parts of your body need extra focus and training during your pregnancy. An experienced personal trainer will guide you to increase your level of energy and to strengthen your pelvic floor to decrease the chances of pelvic floor instability.

Healthy mom, healthy baby

We just can’t emphasize enough the importance of exercising with a personal trainer during pregnancy. Training whilst being pregnant will decrease the chances of gaining too much weight. An experienced nutritionist will set up a plan to make sure you get the matching diet you and your baby just need. Our training increases the body strength, to eliminate lower back pains. It is scientifically proven that pregnant women who exercise during pregnancy have a lower chance of premature birth, maternity poisoning and pregnancy diabetes. It has even been proven that women with pregnancy diabetes and a regular training schedule need less insuline.

CTA The Gym Amsterdam Personal Training during pregnancy





Personal training at The Gym Amsterdam: for body and mind

Giving birth can change a lot: not only your body, but your entire life can be upside down when there’s a newborn baby in the house. Stress and a lack of sleep can change your mental state in a drastic way. At The Gym, we know from experience that exercising regurlarly can provide important mental benefits. During exercising, our body releases endorphines, also known as the ‘happy hormone’. Your level of stress will decrease the minute you start working out. This will immediately make your feel better and help you cope with your changing life situation.

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Working out after giving birth

After giving birth, exercising is a healthy and important way to get your body back in shape. At The Gym we can provide you with an optimal schedule and a personal trainer to get your old physique back as fast as possible. We are also experienced in helping women with pelvic floor instability.

Do you want to learn more about our experience personal trainers and our training programs during pregnancy? Come and stop by at The Gym Amsterdam or contact us.

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